Saturday, October 07, 2006

Healthy Food

The alternative brigade are always pushing healthy, natural, wholegrain food and fruit for a more natural and disease-free lifestyle. Of course, this concept is based in large part on wishful thinking and lack of evidence. Nonetheless, the purveyors of products never miss an opportunity to draw the gullible and the uninformed in.

The Australian Consumers' Association recently looked at Cereal Bars, those healthy snacks full of wholegrains and fruit, and low in evil fat.

Unsurprisingly, they found that

Cereal bars, muesli bars and breakfast bars may have a healthy image but most of them are more than 20% sugar, and some deliver more saturated fat than a packet of chips. What’s more, even the ‘fruit’ in them can be a sham -- a laboratory creation of chemicals and sugar.

EoR, however, can't see what the problem is with "sham" fruit (usually fruit puree). Doesn't that make it even healthier than actually having fruit? Surely these sort of confectionaries are popular with homeopaths?

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