Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journalistic balance: a case study

The West Australian, Saturday 15th January 2011.

Number of pages devoted to Queensland floods (current death toll 16): 10.5.

Number of pages devoted to Brazil floods (current death toll 540): 0.5.

Number of pages devoted to Phillipines floods (current death toll 40): 0.

Number of pages devoted to Sri Lanka floods (current death toll 27): 0.

To be fair, these last stories may have been dropped in order to free the 2 inches devoted to "Rodent Bites Genitals".

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  1. Living in the centre of the universe, your point is? This is typical of all Australian media. If they could, sport would be on the front and any trivia beyond a circle of care defined by say a circle of about 20km radius around the local town sporting epicentre.

    When your countries greatness and emotional state is defined by say the location of one small clay pot full of ash there is possibly some way to go in evolving as a nation. The level of leadership to take us there is still not evident.


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