Thursday, March 01, 2007

55th Skeptics' Circle: The Number Of The Skeptic

This is a significant milestone for the Skeptics' Circle, which not everyone may have realised. The 55th hosting of this circle doubles the vibrational energy of the number 5, and the numerological value of this edition returns us to the beginnings (5+5=10 reduced to 1+0=1).

EoR has therefore bowed to the higher energies of the universe in organising this edition based on the numerological vibrations of the submitters. Numerology is, of course, a science that has been proven by thousands of years of traditional use, dating back to at least Babylonian times. And they probably got it directly from the Atlanteans. Who got it from the interdimensional Martians.

As a leading numerologist has said:

Put simply, Numerology is the interpretation of numbers according to the position on which they are found. A numerologist deciphers the meaning and vibration of letters and numbers in a similar manner that a scientist interprets formulas.

But which numerological value to use? The blog name? The poster's birthdate? The date of the post? The Birthpath number? The Destiny number? The Realization number? The Heart's Desire number? The Personality number? Or the "many other calculations that can be performed"? And which numerological calculation? Babylonian? Pythagorean? The traditional "add up all the numbers"? Who cares? Numerology works no matter which number you choose. EoR chose the poster's nom de blogue since this, being chosen at a subconscious level, represents the true inner symbolism of the blogger on their particular quantum karmic path, and just added the numbers up to reveal the inner secrets of your soul.

Ambitious, independent, and self-sufficient.

Supportive, diplomatic, and analytical.

Enthusiastic, optimistic, and fun-loving.

Practical, traditional, and serious.

Adventurous, mercurial, and sensual.

Responsible, careful, and domestic.

Spiritual, eccentric, and a bit of a loner.

Money-oriented, decisive, and stern.

Multi-talented, compassionate, and global.

A master number, and not reduced. Enlightened, intense, and high-strung. (Also read the "lower" vibration of 2 above.)

The other master number. Goal-oriented, a global planner, and inspired. (Also read the "lower" vibration of 4 above.)
  • No skeptics are goal-oriented, global planners or inspired.

The absolute value of numerology.

EoR urges those who want to explore this powerful method of gaining insight and knowledge to go to Your Lucky Numbers and Symbols immediately.

The numbers show that the 56th Skeptics' Circle will be hosted at Scientia Natura on March 15th, 2007.


  1. So I'm "money oriented, decisive and stern", eh?

    Oh, man - the Significant Other isn't going to let me hear the end of that little result! Zero-for-three.

  2. Oooh, a Circle by the numbers. Nicely done!
    EoR, there's a rogue HTML tag that messes the link to the Skeptic's Dictionary.

  3. The link to "Mass Media Bunk" is invalid - it has a "br" tag at the end of the URL. Please, fix it. :)

  4. Apologies to Robert Todd Carroll. For some reason blogger selected his link to corrupt. The links should all work now.

  5. Great job, Eor!

    You have reinvigorated my desire to strike dyslexia (and other LDs) woo hip and thigh.

  6. Of course I meant to write, "smite them hip and thigh".

  7. My lucky wood is Balsa? The hell is that?

  8. You've never played with balsa wood gliders?

  9. How come there isn't a number to describe someone as foul smelling, unintelligent and lazy?

    These people surely deserve to have a magic number! If I were paranoid, I'd suspect that horoscope writers almost always avoid overtly negative comments since they'd be bad for business. Nah, that can't be right.


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