Sunday, May 30, 2010

A question for Meryl Dorey

Friday's West Australian featured an article on Sarah Chivers and her nine month old son who is "vaccine-free" since vaccines are such terrible unnecessary things, along with an article claiming child vaccination rates have "plunged".
"The consequences of being vaccinated with side effects and something going wrong are greater than the risk of him catching something and allowing his immune system to fight it naturally," she said.

As far as that goes, Ms Chivers is correct. Vaccines have been so successful that it is unlikely he will catch an infectious disease, even if she chooses not to vaccinate. Unfortunately, it's an incomplete assessment since the "side effects" of catching such a disease include death. Dana McCaffrey is one such case. Saturday's West Australian featured the sad case of Keira Skaife, a mother whose two month old child died of whooping cough.
"It breaks our hearts that people do not immunise their kids and it makes me angry because Keira caught it from someone who was not immunised," the Craigie schoolteacher said.

Rising Whooping Cough rates are also a concern in Queensland and, while they have fallen elsewhere, they are still at abnormally high levels.
Here in Perth, Meryl Dorey, who has no qualifications, is the chosen vaccination expert used by Howard Sattler. She appears alone with no one to balance her lunatic fringe views since, as she repeatedly states, she is not anti-vaccination. Oh, the irony. Can Ms Dorey name just one person she has ever told to get a vaccination? Can she name a single situation in which she would recommend vaccination?
Since Meryl Dorey is soon to appear in Perth to trumpet her unscientific views, perhaps it is time to also ask her, more pertinently, how many deaths are acceptable to her?


  1. Glad to see you back to posting, EoR. Do you have a link for the Keira Skaife story? I couldn't find one.

  2. The West Australian's web site is really poor, and it's search engine leaves much to desire, but I couldn't locate the article online. I'll scan the print copy and post it in the next day.

  3. Hi hi!
    Have got links to those articles, have posted them on Twitter:

    Are you coming to the lecture? I'm hoping to (if I'm not thrown out as someone who has appeared online with a pic and recognised!).

  4. The matter has now seen questions asked of the State Government by the Opposition.

    Sadly, the relevant government members appear to be running for cover instead of addressing the issue.


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